A busy start to 2018


A busy start to 2018

We've had a very busy start to the year so far with both January and February proving to be very busy months and we're proud to note the wonderful feedback we have received so far as well! Check out all the details below.

Deliveries, deliveries, deliveries...

In the first two months of the year, the assembly now team has completed a in excess of 1,500 deliveries and assemblies all across Victoria. In addition to our Melbourne deliveries, we have helped out clients in a wide range of regional areas including Lorne, Warragul, Yea, Shepparton and Castlemaine for a total distance travelled of over 15,000km.

Our busiest day of the year so far have been the 30th January with over 60 jobs completed.

More Great Feedback

We are proud to note that we have continued to get more great feedback about both our delivery and furniture installation services. In January and February combined, we recieved total of 164 x 5-star reviews and 8 x 4-star reviews. Some of the wonderful feedback for the team so far has included:

  • "Great guys, with a great work ethic- got in, got the job done"
  • "Excellent! Great being able to track the truck and know when they will arrive. Very friendly and nice delivery guys."
  • "Great service great communications, very helpful guys. Came early, communicated well. 11/10 would use again"
  • "The mattress was delivered on a VERY HOT day. The two young guys who delivered it we Friendly, helpful, good-humoured and courteous. Full marks to them."
  • "Polite, friendly and a job well done. Love that I could track the delivery time through the link ... great service. Thank you"

We feel this kind of wonderful feedback speaks volumes about both our team out on the road as well as our systems and processing in the office. We work hard at every stage of the delivery and furniture assembly process to make sure we provide clear and polite communication while providing the best service possible.

No-one is Perfect

Despite our best efforts, we have never claimed to be perfect. Out of more than 1,500 deliveries completed in the first two months of the year, not every single job has gone to plan - we like to be transparent about this.

We have so far received 1 x 2-star review. In their comment when leaving the review, the customer said: "the delivery guys were great but I got the alert they were coming only AFTER I had received the delivery. Would have saved me waiting around all morning if it worked". 

We can definitely understand the frustration in this case and, while no system is perfect (including our delivery notification system), we will continue to strive to improve the reliability of our SMS notification system to help ensure this does not happen again.

We also received a 1-star review, however no comment was left by the customer and have been unable to get in touch with the customer to discuss why and offer and solution despite our best efforts.

Although it is not always possible, whenever we see a review that is not 100% positive from any of our customers we always try to get in touch with the customer directly to try and work out what went wrong and how we can help fix it.